I know how to shine on my own, A lone star you say, but in a world where broken hearts abound, I guard mine, It’s my joy, I own. So, you wish upon a star, You wish to spend your money, time, affection and love, But how can you behold a star in daylight? You … More Lonestar

Shards of Glass

We love Thursdays. You and I. It’s the one day we can say brings out the truth in us. I love Mondays but even saying this in your presence is exorcism. “I know everything about you,” you say. I tilt my head so I can take in your demeanor. My Mother says that you can … More Shards of Glass

Right here

This right here is a confession, a concession, a thought…call it regression, but for what it’s worth, it feels good to release these words. I pick and prod at them. My Mother always says “be careful with your words, they are the only thing you can never take back.” So, I sit…right here. “Every market … More Right here


It hurts knowing you could call me but you wouldn’t. So, I sit on the edge of the bed, listen to the songs I played five years ago and drink black tea. There is a fire inside of me, a raging fire that cannot be quenched by this tea, heaven knows I’ve had three cups … More Hello

Updates on this life

Well, hello Friday! So, if you’ve been keeping up with my words then you are probably wondering where the next installment of 10 Reasons Why is, and you are right. You’ll read about Joyce and Javans’ adventure tomorrow-I for one, would love to know what will happen in Kereita forest. However, let’s take a look … More Updates on this life