What hurts you? It’s the way you ask this as though it were a confessional, a moment between two souls, not people. So, I turn and smile and you shake your head then shrug your shoulders. “You always smile when you are angry, or when you want to break down and cry, why is that?” … More Pain

You know I love you

You know I love you right? I could probably say it better, make it mean more than just a confirmation of a declaration, but when it comes to you, Oh, you unsettle me. You scatter my wits and where my head reigns you reside. You know what’s mine before my heart declares it. We live … More You know I love you

Monday Coffee

I haven’t written another book since wrapping up Sifuna, I fear I may be going crazy. Not crazy in a downward spiral way, but crazy enough to be restless and spendthrift in buying pencils, writing paper, stick-notes, highlighters and my latest craze is 30 centimeter rulers! I’ve just bought two. What for? Well, it so … More Monday Coffee