I love the Sun

I love the Sun, But does she love me back? Does she see me down here, the one who receives the glow from her rays? I love the Sun, but how can I know she loves me back? Should I ask the Moon to send her a message? Should I like the Night slide into … More I love the Sun


I found a way, A simple way to make the world sway. I found a way, It’s a way with words.


I heard a man say, “Words are like stones, once you pick them up, and throw them…that action cannot be undone.”

Words, words, words

I do not detest the writing process, far from it, I find it challenging because every story comes with it’s request for revision. But alas! It is the revision that drains me. Having finished writing #Water, I felt the need to have it edited by an outside party, and let’s just say that an editor … More Words, words, words