There is a tale that is told among the people of the lake. They say that when the lake is angry, it consumes everything but itself. They also say that when men speak of the woman who rose from the depths of the lake, they lose their tongues and their eyes. However, when it was … More Ghadhabu

Aziza and Lawama

Aziza felt the girl’s rage when she returned from the mainland. Lawama, who stood like a loyal steward, beside her, bowed when Aziza met his eyes, but even then, he was calm. She looked at the girl and asked the guards to leave the room. The girl’s rage was overpowering every being and as their … More Aziza and Lawama


Juhudi ran into the mainland when a huge wave rose only to part a few feet away from him. He was here. He saw Aziza’s door ajar. Swazuri was lying on the floor. “Aziza! Aziza!” He walked to the back of the hut but the old woman was not there. He walked back into the … More Lawama


“What are you wearing Aziza?” “Clothes, and you, little one, what brings you to my hut at this hour? Where is that man you walk around with?” “Which one?” “Oh, so you walk with many men? I see…there is no use standing out in the cold, come in and tell old Aziza a story.” Swazuri … More Swazuri

Aziza and Swazuri

Aziza took out her crown two nights after Juhudi’s visit. The man Juhudi spoke of would be visiting the main land in two moons. Like Juhudi, she could smell his spirit every moonlight, the waves were stronger and the ocean, once peaceful was in distress. Juhudi’s flute and songs could not calm them. She polished … More Aziza and Swazuri