Meet Sifuna

I lost my mind over the need to wrap up this book so much so that I did not write a word of it for three months. It’s the most frustrated I’ve been and I have the distinct feeling that anyone who’s read my previous publications would definitely want to throw this in my face, … More Meet Sifuna


I know how to shine on my own, A lone star you say, but in a world where broken hearts abound, I guard mine, It’s my joy, I own. So, you wish upon a star, You wish to spend your money, time, affection and love, But how can you behold a star in daylight? You … More Lonestar

Forgiven: Baraka

Our people utter proverbs when the truth is heavy on their tongues. How easy it is to roll out lies, like someone casting groundnuts into their mouth, one goes in, then another, and another…and in between pauses, words are uttered, but no breath taken. These people could turn into ashes and I would walk over … More Forgiven: Baraka

Call Me Sunday

Call Me Sunday when you come undone. You are the sweet taste of a lazy morning, a yearning for that service, communion of sorts…I squeeze you in words, wring you in thoughts, and pound you in feelings. I am not the pestle but rather the mortar that creates room for pounding. Happy is a state, … More Call Me Sunday

Fruit or Truth

I love bananas. They are my favorite fruit because I am like the mist, I am here and there, a mystery even to myself, so eating something without the hassle of having to wash it first makes all the difference. Grumpy was having one of his spells. I remember walking into his kitchen and seeing … More Fruit or Truth