Call Me Sunday

Call Me Sunday when you come undone. You are the sweet taste of a lazy morning, a yearning for that service, communion of sorts…I squeeze you in words, wring you in thoughts, and pound you in feelings. I am not the pestle but rather the mortar that creates room for pounding. Happy is a state, … More Call Me Sunday

Fruit or Truth

I love bananas. They are my favorite fruit because I am like the mist, I am here and there, a mystery even to myself, so eating something without the hassle of having to wash it first makes all the difference. Grumpy was having one of his spells. I remember walking into his kitchen and seeing … More Fruit or Truth

Monday: Blue

Christina’s hovering was not unnoticed by Diana, in fact, she knew the woman had a lot to gossip about but her mind was undoing the mess that Charles had caused last week. When she finally got off her seat and made it to the kitchenette, she found the sugar dish empty and a run in … More Monday: Blue

A Pinch of Salt

Sarah’s the kind of girl who drips sauce. She knows she is right before you speak and that the world owes her nothing but applause for how great she is. If you were to meet her at Buddy’s at six in the evening, you’d wonder who buys a whole bottle of liquor and drinks it … More A Pinch of Salt


Leila I was at the Lounge having my daily dose of coffee when he walked in. I didn’t have to look to know it was him. I heard the laugh, and then as he drew nearer, took in his cologne. He uses Hugo Boss, and that musky scent is unique. I didn’t look at him. … More December