10 Reasons Why: Truth

Javans was at the restaurant when I walked in. He was halfway through his drink, his tie loosened, his leg shaking- partly due to anxiety and partly due to his restlessness. The last text I’d received from him was “waiting, seated at the table by the corner.”  Maggie should be here.  I should not have … More 10 Reasons Why: Truth

10 Reasons Why: Blue

Javans favorite color is blue. He is also a Blues fan, not that kind of blue, Chelsea. He’s a fan of Chelsea and I know this because the number of times I have been dragged to those games or had my eardrums filled with statistics outweighs the countless times Maggie has told me I am hopeless. … More 10 Reasons Why: Blue

10 Reasons Why

I have had a crush on Javans for six years. If you think this is a long time, then Maggie says it better “that’s long enough for someone to get a degree and a masters, na kama ameenda Europe hiyo miaka mbili imetosha Masters na PhD.”  Maggie has no speedometer. She also knows how to … More 10 Reasons Why