Love is the lightning the gods use to test men. You get distracted by the thunder and before you know it, you’ve missed the flash of light. Almasi told everyone this. It was his life’s song, like the sirens that came before him, he sang it to himself and more so to others, but they … More Almasi


Two things, two simple things could be said of her, and if I told you right now, you wouldn’t believe me. Truth is, I wouldn’t believe myself, but she saw it. She lived it. She knew it and when the call came in at two in the morning, I knew, she’d caved in. Two things, … More Symphony

Roses and lies

You could see tiny yellow lights in every home in Micheni that night. He walked from one home to another to visit and wish them well; after all he was their son. They saw him attend Micheni Primary School. They contributed to his fee when he was called to The Maseno School. He received their … More Roses and lies