Chapter Three: Okwan

It was a relief seeing Belinda the next morning and so Okwan gave her a set of tasks to see to at the restaurant as she proceeded to pay for the delivered groceries. “Belinda, we have some deliveries to make at Re-Insurance Plaza and I hope you can do just that because Joshua is not … More Chapter Three: Okwan


“What are you thinking about Marjorie? You have just closed your mouth on me right here. We had better finish up and head back to the office. I have some interviews to conduct at 2pm.” “Nicole, if you talk this much around me, and we are not best of friends, I wonder, just how much … More 6/40

The People of Leo

The people of Leo are as vast as soil particles, but all believe in the god, Mie, and they do their best to live peacefully with one another. At the center of Fire, is the Royal family in Leo. While writing this book, my focus was on the Swahili culture and I used Kiswahili names … More The People of Leo