Don’t tell me it’s another post about a romance novel

Hello World, so, today I want to talk about romance novels! Yes, wait…have I lost a couple of people? I promise not to truly bore you. I’ll do so without a doubt, but even when I do, simply roll your eyes and read on- but have you noticed that romance novels can make you believe … More Don’t tell me it’s another post about a romance novel

A little bit of you

If there was a time when Mercy could have smiled, it would have been at her engagement party; instead, she was on her balcony watching guests stream into her two-bedroom apartment. Her sisters were not coming. Grace had simply sent her a text message ‘I am not for this.’ Noella, the baby of the house, … More A little bit of you


There are two kinds of people in this world; those who are drawn to love and those to whom love is an echo. I’m Marjorie. I could tell you that I am Beth but that would be giving away too much too soon. When you are responsible for how the world sees your employers, you … More 1/40

The Restaurant

Lovers pride themselves in who saw the other first. It is almost like winning the race when you are seated on the benches. Walter says he saw Ruth first. Ruth says that she chose him before he even spoke to her. I say they are delusional. Walter waited tables at The Grill. He walked in … More The Restaurant