Shards of Glass

We love Thursdays. You and I. It’s the one day we can say brings out the truth in us. I love Mondays but even saying this in your presence is exorcism. “I know everything about you,” you say. I tilt my head so I can take in your demeanor. My Mother says that you can … More Shards of Glass


“You don’t know what it’s like…to be alone, to be lonely, sometimes it’s both.” She shoves her hand in her pocket. I look away. I know she’s been biting her nails again and I see her lips too. She searches for me from across the room and when my eyes meet her’s; she smiles. We … More Alone


It comes to me in pieces; that day after the party, at your place, outside Naivas Supermarket, the Family Kitchen Restaurant, the church and sometimes…sometimes when I try to shake it off, it comes at 2 A.M. They say it takes time. They say, “You are still young, you’ll move on and find somebody else.” … More Glass

Like thunder

Michael. He is the embodiment of all that is strong, swift and calm. A little bit cunning, a little bit wanting but never lacking. Scratch that, I can do better! If I told you about a storm, the kind that ruffled the clouds, shook the earth, scattered the dust and misdirected the wind, you’d say … More Like thunder