A little bit of you

If there was a time when Mercy could have smiled, it would have been at her engagement party; instead, she was on her balcony watching guests stream into her two-bedroom apartment. Her sisters were not coming. Grace had simply sent her a text message ‘I am not for this.’ Noella, the baby of the house, … More A little bit of you

My kind of love

It is a day unlike no other, the price of chocolate has tripled, red dresses are sold everywhere, sloppy music is playing and restaurants are busy preparing menus for ‘table for two,’ and the best part is ‘I am single!’ Well, it’s not my fault, it’s just that I am picky. I do not appeal … More My kind of love

Peaches and Grapes

Loving someone is tiresome. It is exhausting to always think of someone and when you want to call them you realize you have no credit. You brush your teeth and wash your face with cold water jolting those facial nerves awake. You wrap the lesso around your waist because God knows you cannot walk out … More Peaches and Grapes


I opened a few online store pages as soon as Nicole left my office. I would give a jig to wear a red dress to work. My colors were more of the neutral range: grey,black,brown and white. I switched things up with some bright colors once in a while but the only red thing I … More 4/40


It is not in my place to breathe life into you my love. Oh, how I wish I could! I would look into your eyes and say, “breathe,” and watch you come alive as swiftly as the eagle soars in the sky. You my love are life. So, live! The only thing I ask is … More Breathe