We know something, you and I, Yes, not him, not her, not them, you and I. We feel it in our bones, like the rattling of an old soul come to life. We feel it in our touch, like the sun kissing the soil, after the rains have blessed it. It’s like an awakening, Like … More Sunshine

African Sauce

You’ve got that African Sauce, It oozes in your smile, smile, touch…and it fills the air in your walk, Each footstep a reminder of ancestors, Nations, souls, dreams and all that sauce… It’s tough out here Prince, For the crown you wear is unseen, So you drown in pop, You consume a tongue that’s not … More African Sauce


I found you, A stream, a rush of water, brown, murky, clear…gliding across rocks. I found you, A path, trodden, uncharted, unfiltered…blissful. I found you, A thing of beauty, unbeknownst to the world around you and all I wanted was to let you know that I saw you. I see you…you’re all I see, for … More Timeless


You and I, We are tender. For where there was once a smile, a nod, a smirk, comes hesitation… A silent pause before you talk. A rushed conversation. So, I keep these thoughts to myself, Laugh at a misunderstanding, Yearn for redemption…no, I do not like you that way, not in that way. You and … More Tender


You caught my eye, I know I was looking for something vibrant; a red rose, a pink one, or maybe just a snapshot of enough coffee to make my day. But then I scrolled down and you caught my eye…not as subtle as it felt, but more like a full grasp, like “hey you!” So … More Vision


I think of you when the world is still, I know you would never ask for a bill. I think of you when the world is still, Like smoke I sense you, I am choked by you, I am moved to tears by you, I take in a different scent because of you… But you…oh, … More Smoke