You caught my eye, I know I was looking for something vibrant; a red rose, a pink one, or maybe just a snapshot of enough coffee to make my day. But then I scrolled down and you caught my eye…not as subtle as it felt, but more like a full grasp, like “hey you!” So … More Vision


I think of you when the world is still, I know you would never ask for a bill. I think of you when the world is still, Like smoke I sense you, I am choked by you, I am moved to tears by you, I take in a different scent because of you… But you…oh, … More Smoke


And so we ran away, We ran away from the sight, thought, and idea of ‘us’. You hid in your ambition You proved this with your silence, a trail that grew cold. I accepted your silence and cherished in my freedom, I never relinquished control, I did what I wanted to, when I wanted to. … More Miles


I thought I knew enough, Not enough to lead a whole life, but enough, enough not to sink, or fall prey It’s like a suspicion A critter that crawls up your earlobe and whispers “It’s a lie” every time “Don’t fall for that doll, issa scam, doll I’m telling you, issalie.” I thought I knew … More Unfounded


I heard them say, “You’ll get over this, come this way,” I let my mind sway. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, What day you say? I heard them say, “You’ll come out of this stronger.” I wanted to be bolder, Happier. Lovelier. I wanted it all, but I received none of it. I knew I’d been swayed, … More Scar


Send me a filter, One that hides a fighter. I’m thinking Gingham, or Reyes, but not Sierra, No, definitely not Sierra. I’m thinking Hefe, or Nashville, but not X-Pro II, No, too much color that one. I’m thinking Clarendon, or Lark, but not Juno, No, Juno reminds me of a pregnant teen. I’m thinking Slumber, … More Filters


It came as a thought, a flicker, It gave me quite a kicker, these words, these colors in my head that swirl every time I close my eyes. Blue, red, yellow and brown, brown always comes last. Brown settles the score, reminding me who’s boss. Would you… I wonder, would you spare a moment, during … More Sugar