I love the Sun

I love the Sun, But does she love me back? Does she see me down here, the one who receives the glow from her rays? I love the Sun, but how can I know she loves me back? Should I ask the Moon to send her a message? Should I like the Night slide into … More I love the Sun

This side of me

There was a time, More like this time, When every word hurt, Please, yes, no, why, How, when, you did this. There was a time, Not like this time, When every word was unheard, Why, listen to me, wait, Come, I love you. There was a time, More like this time, When you never knew … More This side of me


I sat in the corner, a book in hand, cup of coffee in the other. I looked outside the window, drops of rain, splashes of thunder, claps of lightning. Your wishes, My dreams. Your thoughts, My desires. I sat in the corner, with thoughts of you, crisp and clean, like the drops of rain that … More Crisp


You come neat Two cubes of ice, straight Slow burn Sweet silky fire, Complete. A sip, a lingering  Hot coal dancing on my tongue. Bourbon Dashing Smoldering A yearning. A slight twist up north,and you’d be Whisky. Straight. Your arms linger,halfway between my neck and my chin, A slow burn I cannot run, So, do … More Whiskey

And when I dream

It is of words, ‘Fine,’ ‘I’m sorry,’ ‘Thank you.’ I dream of leaving, One foot in front of the other, One word in place of another. ‘Unhappy,’ ‘I’m glad,’ ‘No, thanks.’ So, when I close my eyes I dream of chapels and labels. I hear bells, I dream of leaving, I work on staying. And … More And when I dream

Let me

You. Oh, how I wish you knew, The anger inside that you brew, Will eat at you. Piece by piece. You. Oh, how I wish you saw, The love that ought to thaw, Will set you free. Piece by piece. You, Oh I wish I had the words, the rhyme, the pace, the beauty, To … More Let me


We are like waves; we build up, go deep into the sea, and hit the shore. We are so powerful that in between the building up and hitting the shore, We lose ourselves. We are like waves, we are never the same when we calm down.