“People know me here.” –A Gesture Life by Chang-Rae Lee The long holiday weekend is exactly what I needed. For some it was just but an extra day, but to me it was an added day to my leave days. Nothing makes me smile more than buying books and bookmarks, and my short trip to … More Here


I came across a being. She was a soul that thrived neither on words nor acts. She blossomed into the wild. Her answers cut like glass, this beautiful daughter of the Lake. Her response to my advances “en ang’o! Asekoni ni aonge saa mar nang’o chupa ei Nairobi kae! Wuod ma! To mi baa dhogi … More Alice


“What do you mean by that Nicole?” “What do you think? Martin has always been the bump in your highway. You cannot drive at a hundred kilometers when the bumps appear from nowhere. Okay, if you drove you would get my logic.” “So, now I am flawed? What is wrong with you woman? Why do … More 5/40

Forty Days

They say a thief has forty days. In Kiswahili it’s musical, more like a warning, a lyrical warning, siku za mwizi ni arubaini. I came across some boards and lots of pins on Pinterest about writing challenges. There are monthly challenges, bucket lists and the greatest of them all NanoWrimo. The transition from The Currents … More Forty Days

Strangers in a bus

There are things Tom never talked about. His house. His job. His love for chapati and the scent of the earth when those raindrops hit the ground. He woke up at five because fifteen minutes before that the Muezzin would summon all the faithfuls to the Mosque. He had his tea, black and strong with … More Strangers in a bus