Oya! Fine Guy…

I see you, Yes you. You just passed by me, unaware of what the sight of you does to my pheromones. Oya! Fine Guy, the piece of dark chocolate, in blue jeans and a black t-shirt, Not you, I’m talking about the one who’s assailed my nostrils with his musky-lime cologne scent. You are like … More Oya! Fine Guy…

Patch Me Up

I press the snooze button on my alarm five times every morning. I set my phone on airplane mode so I can listen to my playlist every morning to work. My playlist lasts fifty-three minutes and twenty seven seconds. I smile, wave, shake hands and ask questions whose answers are of no importance to me … More Patch Me Up

Broken Glass

You and I, There are things we don’t talk about. Things like the weather…I love my sunshine and you devour your cold, chills to the bone is what you call it, so we talk of things like ‘did you watch the news yesterday?’ I always say ‘no’ and you laugh, say I’m so uninformed and … More Broken Glass


We know something, you and I, Yes, not him, not her, not them, you and I. We feel it in our bones, like the rattling of an old soul come to life. We feel it in our touch, like the sun kissing the soil, after the rains have blessed it. It’s like an awakening, Like … More Sunshine