10 Reasons Why: Blue

Javans favorite color is blue. He is also a Blues fan, not that kind of blue, Chelsea. He’s a fan of Chelsea and I know this because the number of times I have been dragged to those games or had my eardrums filled with statistics outweighs the countless times Maggie has told me I am hopeless. … More 10 Reasons Why: Blue

Chapter Ten: Jeff

He waited until Belinda had tucked the kids in bed before handing her a cup of tea. She looked at him and then reached for the cup saying “thanks.” “How have you been Besh?” “Fine, thank you.” “How is work?” “It’s great.” “Where do you stay?” “In a house.” “Where is this house?” “It’s here … More Chapter Ten: Jeff

Chapter Five: Jeff

He was making his way to the New Victoria Hotel when his phone beeped. He reached for it and put it on speaker, “Jatelo, tell me what do you need?” “Do I always call you when I need something?” “Yes, you do. I am driving can I call you later?” “Boss, I didn’t know that … More Chapter Five: Jeff

Voices in the forest

What is it about voices that make them storm through our minds at odd places? The places our souls frequent, to get that sense of calm; places like temples, churches, mosques, shrines. These voices perch on our shoulder and proceed to mock every word, feeling or thought we have. What is it about these voices … More Voices in the forest