Showers of Doubt

My love is like a faucet, the show of affection depends on how much you turn it. You said this amidst puffs, and I never took my nose out of the book I was reading. We have these easy evenings where your mind is numbed by your heart and my heart is frozen by your … More Showers of Doubt

Before I Go

Here we are, in this moment, this time… Ours is a love unlike no other…for I have no idea of any other kind of love, So, I hold onto my heart, pull up my sleeves, Look around this small room…smile when all I want to do is cry. Cry for, I wish my Dad was … More Before I Go


I have a love, His smile warms my heart, His embrace quickens my heart, everything else is still. I have a love, He said he’d call, It’s sixty days, thirteen hours and twelve minutes since then… I have a love, Wish he had a care in the world, not much, just enough to keep his … More Hurts

3 Rings

I had coffee with my emotions today. This happened some time between 5AM and 6AM…of all the days, I had to summon my feelings on a Wednesday. Oh, and how they came…some in caravans, others like thunder, but one…was ever so present, but just unmoved, until I thought of you. I had coffee with my … More 3 Rings

Cafe Therapy

“Have you ever had your heart broken in a cafe?” I ask this and you turn to me and ask “where did that come from? Is that why you want us to go to Java this Friday?” I throw the pillow at you and in sleek mode, you duck and stick your tongue out at me. … More Cafe Therapy


It’s four o’clock and the evening’s splendor is at the mercy of the showers of rain. I’m on my fourth cup of coffee. You sit beside me on the couch, rub your hands together and ask “should I bring the whole kettle right here?” “No, why?” “You have drank half of it already and I … More Recline