My Mother said she knew my feet were meant for motion when I hit the ground, Like clouds, soft cotton buds on the earth, I glide She also said that she cringed with every step, The world would consume my light, she feared this would happen, Like clouds, soft cotton buds on the earth, I … More Dance

Forgiven: Nuru

Our people say that you should not curse the land you walk upon. They are right. They are wrong. They have no say on where you step on, but I heard about her. For every time I blink, I imagine what she would look like, her laughter, her touch, her hair…her teeth, her footsteps. When … More Forgiven: Nuru

Love Anew

I want you and you want someone else, So I stay hoping you will turn around, but even then I know that I don’t have to make you love me. I am in the sea of tomorrow, you might come across this text, or see this in the quiet moments before you go to bed … More Love Anew

The one I call Daisy

She’s gone and suddenly she’s everywhere. Pets can break your heart. Kittens to be precise, but I am at odds and writing about her is wounding myself over and over again. We rescued a kitten two months ago and named her Daisy. At first I found her annoying because she was everywhere, in my face, … More The one I call Daisy