Half Price

My mother always warned me about buying half price. She stopped me from buying sweet bananas when I was in class five. She stopped me from looking through a pile of colorful tops at Kibuye market when I was in class seven and in the supermarket she would tell me “look at the expiry date!” … More Half Price


I thought I knew enough, Not enough to lead a whole life, but enough, enough not to sink, or fall prey It’s like a suspicion A critter that crawls up your earlobe and whispers “It’s a lie” every time “Don’t fall for that doll, issa scam, doll I’m telling you, issalie.” I thought I knew … More Unfounded

A candle

There are some things that your Professor would never tell you in a Psychology Class. I had the privilege of being taught, listened to and challenged by one Gentleman, Professor Munywoki at USIU-Africa. He used to come to class with a bottle of Diet Coke and would take a seat among us as he gave … More A candle

Slow Down

The world is running. I cannot catch up. I cannot hold my breath, sprint, run and watch it as it spirals into a dimension that is. Slow down. The world is running, but will it run out of breath? I wonder, what world am I talking about? What do I mean by running, because as … More Slow Down