Chapter Fourteen: Okwan

Okwan knew something was wrong when Belinda came into the restaurant a few minutes after Maureen. She watched the skinny girl bite her nails as Belinda walked to the kitchen. “What is the matter with you two?” Okwan asked. “What do you mean?” “I am not your age mate Maureen! You do not answer a question … More Chapter Fourteen: Okwan

Chapter Ten: Jeff

He waited until Belinda had tucked the kids in bed before handing her a cup of tea. She looked at him and then reached for the cup saying “thanks.” “How have you been Besh?” “Fine, thank you.” “How is work?” “It’s great.” “Where do you stay?” “In a house.” “Where is this house?” “It’s here … More Chapter Ten: Jeff

Chapter Nine: Maureen

There were things that haunted Mesh: Lies, truths, black heels, four-in-one leather handbags, Nivea body lotion and men who cheated on their partners. It is the last of these that prompted her to go see Belinda the next day. She knew that Belinda’s husband was still seeing Michelle. The Facebook updates and whatsapp chats with … More Chapter Nine: Maureen