Meet Sifuna

I lost my mind over the need to wrap up this book so much so that I did not write a word of it for three months. It’s the most frustrated I’ve been and I have the distinct feeling that anyone who’s read my previous publications would definitely want to throw this in my face, … More Meet Sifuna

Love Anew

I want you and you want someone else, So I stay hoping you will turn around, but even then I know that I don’t have to make you love me. I am in the sea of tomorrow, you might come across this text, or see this in the quiet moments before you go to bed … More Love Anew

Omolo Agar Road

Friendship is like clay. You can scout for it, but never come across the fine particles you seek. Sometimes, you stumble upon a nice heap of soft, fine clay that summons the potter in you. Then, without knowing it, you start to knead it, compress it, air it and slowly add water, and color to … More Omolo Agar Road


“What are you thinking about Marjorie? You have just closed your mouth on me right here. We had better finish up and head back to the office. I have some interviews to conduct at 2pm.” “Nicole, if you talk this much around me, and we are not best of friends, I wonder, just how much … More 6/40