I know how to light things up You know…to blow things out of proportion. How about that time when those women talked of an ungrateful son, and I thought of a prince and a kingdom? How about when Grumpy said “okay,” and I thought we were done. Or when he called twenty times and I … More Ablaze

Flowers in June

I bought flowers in June. A bouquet of red roses. I had just arrived from Busia that Thursday evening when I walked to the vendor at Mega City and asked for a bouquet. I did not want her to mix them up or wrap them in that colorful clear paper and tie a ribbon. I … More Flowers in June


We are like waves; we build up, go deep into the sea, and hit the shore. We are so powerful that in between the building up and hitting the shore, We lose ourselves. We are like waves, we are never the same when we calm down.

He may love you

I know. He cares. He may love you. Really, he probably does. He probably thinks about you all the time. He may love you. It does not matter, or let’s assume that it does, What is he doing about it? Nothing. Wow, he may love you, he is just busy. What matters is that is … More He may love you