Thursday: Grey

Matthew stepped out of the lift during tea-break and walked towards Diana’s office. Her desk was empty. He’d dialed her number twice but there was no response. He set the cup of tea on her desk and turned to the lady sitting opposite her desk. “Hi, has Diana come in today?” “No, she’s not. Charles … More Thursday: Grey

Wednesday: Green

Diana was thrilled to be at work. There were seven days to pay day and Matthew had promised her that this month, they’d receive their salaries two days earlier because the signatories would be out of the country. He had also bragged about ensuring that the HR finally had the new software she needed to … More Wednesday: Green

Monday: Blue

Christina’s hovering was not unnoticed by Diana, in fact, she knew the woman had a lot to gossip about but her mind was undoing the mess that Charles had caused last week. When she finally got off her seat and made it to the kitchenette, she found the sugar dish empty and a run in … More Monday: Blue