Patch Me Up

I press the snooze button on my alarm five times every morning. I set my phone on airplane mode so I can listen to my playlist every morning to work. My playlist lasts fifty-three minutes and twenty seven seconds. I smile, wave, shake hands and ask questions whose answers are of no importance to me … More Patch Me Up


6:00 o’clock. He found his way home at 6:00 o’clock in the morning. He went straight to the bathroom, turned on the shower and stayed there until he heard the front door being shut. It was the eighth time he’d done just that. She was not counting, but who knew that every time he did … More Everything

You + I=

Round, and around…it’s how we go. You + I=…. ‘I was told,’ ‘My boys saw you.’ Round and around we go… You and I. ‘Would you like to go out with me?’ ‘Would you work on this with me?’ You and I. ‘Where were you at noon today?’ ‘I was told you were with some … More You + I=


Nicole’s idea of lunch was a full plate of chips, 1/2 deep fried chicken, and a litre of Coke. I had a serving of bhajia and bottle of water. She looked at my tray and scrunched up her nose. She reached out for a piece of bhajia and dunked it in the pepper I had. … More 5/40

Raindrops and Roses

I made something of myself. You called yesterday. It was a rainy day. I made something of myself, You wanted me all to yourself. ‘Congratulations, always knew you could do it.’ The phone was in my ear, It’s been two years. I made something of myself, and you wanted me all to yourself. How’s your … More Raindrops and Roses