Aziza and Lawama

Aziza felt the girl’s rage when she returned from the mainland. Lawama, who stood like a loyal steward, beside her, bowed when Aziza met his eyes, but even then, he was calm. She looked at the girl and asked the guards to leave the room. The girl’s rage was overpowering every being and as their … More Aziza and Lawama

Aziza and Juhudi

Aziza knew he was outside her hut as soon as the sun graced the skies. She removed her white robe, folded it and threw it into the golden chest beside her bed. She rubbed some soot from the koroboi on her face and then put on her black gown and carried her sack of trinkets … More Aziza and Juhudi

Juhudi and Aziza

She waited for him that evening, watching as he sang unto a goddess so envious that she’d struck her own daughter. He sang until the sound of the flute merged with the waves that hit the shore. The little girl was sleeping beside him. Her wild hair would be filled with sand tomorrow, but it … More Juhudi and Aziza