Updates on this life

Well, hello Friday! So, if you’ve been keeping up with my words then you are probably wondering where the next installment of 10 Reasons Why is, and you are right. You’ll read about Joyce and Javans’ adventure tomorrow-I for one, would love to know what will happen in Kereita forest. However, let’s take a look … More Updates on this life

10 Reasons Why: Truth

Javans was at the restaurant when I walked in. He was halfway through his drink, his tie loosened, his leg shaking- partly due to anxiety and partly due to his restlessness. The last text I’d received from him was “waiting, seated at the table by the corner.”  Maggie should be here.  I should not have … More 10 Reasons Why: Truth

10 Reasons Why: Blue

Javans favorite color is blue. He is also a Blues fan, not that kind of blue, Chelsea. He’s a fan of Chelsea and I know this because the number of times I have been dragged to those games or had my eardrums filled with statistics outweighs the countless times Maggie has told me I am hopeless. … More 10 Reasons Why: Blue