My love is like a leaking faucet, drip drip drip…a bit here, and there…so why should you turn off the faucet? My love is like that drop…the one that seeps through even after you’ve fastened the faucet and walked away.


Kinky Friedman, a songwriter, once said “Find what you love and let it kill you,” but the world attributed it not to him but to Charles Bukwoski and ever since then…generations have come to believe those nine words as gold from Bukwoski. You say I come undone when the world sleeps, You do not believe what … More Smitten

Forgiven: Nuru

Our people say that you should not curse the land you walk upon. They are right. They are wrong. They have no say on where you step on, but I heard about her. For every time I blink, I imagine what she would look like, her laughter, her touch, her hair…her teeth, her footsteps. When … More Forgiven: Nuru

Forgiven: Baraka

Our people utter proverbs when the truth is heavy on their tongues. How easy it is to roll out lies, like someone casting groundnuts into their mouth, one goes in, then another, and another…and in between pauses, words are uttered, but no breath taken. These people could turn into ashes and I would walk over … More Forgiven: Baraka