Would you believe me if I told you, I beheld Grace? Would you believe me if I told you, I ran a race? For in her eyes, the sun rose and went to sleep, The stars sparkled and the moon glowed, I went to sleep. I beheld Grace, Oh, daughter of the earth…stay true to … More Grace


It’s four o’clock and the evening’s splendor is at the mercy of the showers of rain. I’m on my fourth cup of coffee. You sit beside me on the couch, rub your hands together and ask “should I bring the whole kettle right here?” “No, why?” “You have drank half of it already and I … More Recline

Full Circle

“Do you know what happens when you are loved?” Like every question you ask me, I shook my head ‘no’ and you moved back into your seat, reclined your back to the sofa, tapped your fingers on your thigh…and laughed. An easy laugh…you are master of these laughs. I leaned back in my seat watching … More Full Circle


You asked me at dawn, “Why is it that you smile more when you are miles away from me?” I started, “um…I…” You laughed, the easy laugh that we both know comes from trying to mask a pain. I paused and so did you, for me it was to think of a lie, but for … More Stellar


It’s our day. I place my head on your lap, look up into your eyes and you smile. It’s our day, just you and I. We talk of the little things that matter…like how it sucks that we are great together and I am not keen on saying “yes” on “walking down the aisle” to … More Conversations

Love Notes

I wrote you a poem, It felt right at dawn, now that’s it’s almost noon, And I haven’t heard from you, I feel like it’s doomed. I wrote you a poem, Here I lie, counting the hours until you call, It may be soon or noon, I never know with you. I wrote you a … More Love Notes

Dark Cocoa

You say I collect people like I do my words, The ones that I need are simple words they roll off my tongue like ‘yes’ The ones I do not need are words found on legal documents, The tiny script that says “terms and conditions” that I glaze over just to sign.   You say … More Dark Cocoa