You are the stranger to my familiar. We dance around these words, same people, new year, old feelings. Where you stand, I am rooted Where you drown, I sink only to be uprooted. So, we dance around these things; like how your eyes follow me around a room, how you call me first thing in … More New

Fruit or Truth

I love bananas. They are my favorite fruit because I am like the mist, I am here and there, a mystery even to myself, so eating something without the hassle of having to wash it first makes all the difference. Grumpy was having one of his spells. I remember walking into his kitchen and seeing … More Fruit or Truth


It hurts knowing you could call me but you wouldn’t. So, I sit on the edge of the bed, listen to the songs I played five years ago and drink black tea. There is a fire inside of me, a raging fire that cannot be quenched by this tea, heaven knows I’ve had three cups … More Hello

Like Yarn

My beloved is a master story-teller. He spins tales like yarn. Every word, every movement of his tongue, a widening of brown eyes- a smirk here, a dimple there, a drop in his pitch…a weaver of tales. “I am with the guys.” “I have been working on this ka-project.” “Don’t worry, maybe next time, in … More Like Yarn

A sprinkle of joy

I love chapati and yellow-green beans. I know this is an odd way to begin a post, but if there is one thing I have learned over the years is that the best of words can actually come tumbling out. Like that first statement. However, this season, brings many memories of how chapati marked our … More A sprinkle of joy

Coconut Oil

“Again?” I take a breath. Four breaths. Milcah. Noah. Scott. Sterling. Each breath for each time I believed and fell short, so when he asks “again?” I am somewhere between a storm and a nuclear war. He shakes his head and storms out, but he knocks his knee on the stool beside the door, curses … More Coconut Oil


What takes a lifetime to build but a second to destroy? he asks. I look at him, we’ve been fidgety of late. Of late means the past three days, four hours and thirty seven minutes. He asks “what takes a lifetime to build but a second to destroy?” I sip my coffee.  I am unwell … More Redemption