Meet Sifuna

I lost my mind over the need to wrap up this book so much so that I did not write a word of it for three months. It’s the most frustrated I’ve been and I have the distinct feeling that anyone who’s read my previous publications would definitely want to throw this in my face, … More Meet Sifuna


I found you, A stream, a rush of water, brown, murky, clear…gliding across rocks. I found you, A path, trodden, uncharted, unfiltered…blissful. I found you, A thing of beauty, unbeknownst to the world around you and all I wanted was to let you know that I saw you. I see you…you’re all I see, for … More Timeless


You and I, We are tender. For where there was once a smile, a nod, a smirk, comes hesitation… A silent pause before you talk. A rushed conversation. So, I keep these thoughts to myself, Laugh at a misunderstanding, Yearn for redemption…no, I do not like you that way, not in that way. You and … More Tender


I know how to shine on my own, A lone star you say, but in a world where broken hearts abound, I guard mine, It’s my joy, I own. So, you wish upon a star, You wish to spend your money, time, affection and love, But how can you behold a star in daylight? You … More Lonestar