Outrageous things I’ve done for the love of Books!

I was scrolling through my reader yesterday when I came across a post on BW Reviews and I could relate to everything written therein, and it prompted me to keep the conversation going. Here’s a list of some outrageous ( even though when I do them, they are classified as quite normal) things I’ve done for … More Outrageous things I’ve done for the love of Books!


We know something, you and I, Yes, not him, not her, not them, you and I. We feel it in our bones, like the rattling of an old soul come to life. We feel it in our touch, like the sun kissing the soil, after the rains have blessed it. It’s like an awakening, Like … More Sunshine

African Sauce

You’ve got that African Sauce, It oozes in your smile, smile, touch…and it fills the air in your walk, Each footstep a reminder of ancestors, Nations, souls, dreams and all that sauce… It’s tough out here Prince, For the crown you wear is unseen, So you drown in pop, You consume a tongue that’s not … More African Sauce