Showers of Doubt

My love is like a faucet, the show of affection depends on how much you turn it. You said this amidst puffs, and I never took my nose out of the book I was reading. We have these easy evenings where your mind is numbed by your heart and my heart is frozen by your … More Showers of Doubt

An Endorsement

You are in one of your moods this evening. So, I steer away from them by filling my cup with coffee and taking in gulps of it, while staring at my phone. “Have you read this book?” you ask. I turn and in your hand lies a copy of Fifty Shades of Grey, and on … More An Endorsement

Before I Go

Here we are, in this moment, this time… Ours is a love unlike no other…for I have no idea of any other kind of love, So, I hold onto my heart, pull up my sleeves, Look around this small room…smile when all I want to do is cry. Cry for, I wish my Dad was … More Before I Go

3 Rings

I had coffee with my emotions today. This happened some time between 5AM and 6AM…of all the days, I had to summon my feelings on a Wednesday. Oh, and how they came…some in caravans, others like thunder, but one…was ever so present, but just unmoved, until I thought of you. I had coffee with my … More 3 Rings

Cafe Therapy

“Have you ever had your heart broken in a cafe?” I ask this and you turn to me and ask “where did that come from? Is that why you want us to go to Java this Friday?” I throw the pillow at you and in sleek mode, you duck and stick your tongue out at me. … More Cafe Therapy


Would you believe me if I told you, I beheld Grace? Would you believe me if I told you, I ran a race? For in her eyes, the sun rose and went to sleep, The stars sparkled and the moon glowed, I went to sleep. I beheld Grace, Oh, daughter of the earth…stay true to … More Grace