Dark Cocoa

You say I collect people like I do my words, The ones that I need are simple words they roll off my tongue like ‘yes’ The ones I do not need are words found on legal documents, The tiny script that says “terms and conditions” that I glaze over just to sign.   You say … More Dark Cocoa


My Mother said she knew my feet were meant for motion when I hit the ground, Like clouds, soft cotton buds on the earth, I glide She also said that she cringed with every step, The world would consume my light, she feared this would happen, Like clouds, soft cotton buds on the earth, I … More Dance


I don’t know how to say “I’m sorry,” Don’t expect me to. Dip me in sugar, so you lick a coat so sweet before you taste my bitterness, But you already knew that, didn’t you? I don’t know how to roll up the words “I’m sorry” and let them unravel a history of hurt. I … More Sorry

You know I love you

You know I love you right? I could probably say it better, make it mean more than just a confirmation of a declaration, but when it comes to you, Oh, you unsettle me. You scatter my wits and where my head reigns you reside. You know what’s mine before my heart declares it. We live … More You know I love you