Thank you for visiting for this blog. It’s great that you made it here, feel free to share your thoughts on this journey.

I’m a Wanderer who somewhere along the course of her life published her first African series on Amazon. Yay! The Currents Series is a collection of four books : Fire, Water, Wind and Earth. Based on a Swahili theme and African setting, the series follows a young Prince from his birth to his ascension to the throne. These books are available on Amazon ( check out “The Currents Series” page on this blog, you’ll get the right links and some reviews on the books).

On the plus side, I am known to fall in love with characters who reside in pages of awesome books. Check out these throwback photos of me and my best friends:


I love a good cup of coffee and a slice of cake ☺

It’d be a great gift to have my books vastly read.

Did I mention that I’m Kenyan?

Send me a tweet @herhar.


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