Shards of Glass

We love Thursdays. You and I. It’s the one day we can say brings out the truth in us. I love Mondays but even saying this in your presence is exorcism. “I know everything about you,” you say. I tilt my head so I can take in your demeanor. My Mother says that you can … More Shards of Glass

A Reader’s Life: Things I do not want to hear in 2019

There is no greater joy than losing and finding yourself within the pages of a book. However, life’s tough for any reader both offline and online and I’m setting the record straight on some comments/remarks/questions that I sincerely do not want to hear this year. Oh, so you read that? Yes, I read it. I … More A Reader’s Life: Things I do not want to hear in 2019

Call Me Sunday

Call Me Sunday when you come undone. You are the sweet taste of a lazy morning, a yearning for that service, communion of sorts…I squeeze you in words, wring you in thoughts, and pound you in feelings. I am not the pestle but rather the mortar that creates room for pounding. Happy is a state, … More Call Me Sunday

Books for Aurora

Nothing beats going through a family library, a collection of books that made an impact on a loved one so much so that they preserved them for years. I shared a set of books I’d set aside in 2015 under “Books for my daughter.” I’ve read many more titles since then especially ebooks. So, whenever … More Books for Aurora

Right here

This right here is a confession, a concession, a thought…call it regression, but for what it’s worth, it feels good to release these words. I pick and prod at them. My Mother always says “be careful with your words, they are the only thing you can never take back.” So, I sit…right here. “Every market … More Right here


You are the stranger to my familiar. We dance around these words, same people, new year, old feelings. Where you stand, I am rooted Where you drown, I sink only to be uprooted. So, we dance around these things; like how your eyes follow me around a room, how you call me first thing in … More New

Fruit or Truth

I love bananas. They are my favorite fruit because I am like the mist, I am here and there, a mystery even to myself, so eating something without the hassle of having to wash it first makes all the difference. Grumpy was having one of his spells. I remember walking into his kitchen and seeing … More Fruit or Truth