Send Me a River

Send me a River, won’t you? A slow, steady provision of water, for every tear I’ve shed, Replenish the salt with fresh pure water, Slow steady meandering around rocks, ferrying twigs, leaves, branches downstream. Send me a River, will you? To be the strength I need when you’re gone, To be the light I need … More Send Me a River

Monday Coffee

I haven’t written another book since wrapping up Sifuna, I fear I may be going crazy. Not crazy in a downward spiral way, but crazy enough to be restless and spendthrift in buying pencils, writing paper, stick-notes, highlighters and my latest craze is 30 centimeter rulers! I’ve just bought two. What for? Well, it so … More Monday Coffee

I love the Sun

I love the Sun, But does she love me back? Does she see me down here, the one who receives the glow from her rays? I love the Sun, but how can I know she loves me back? Should I ask the Moon to send her a message? Should I like the Night slide into … More I love the Sun

Oya! Fine Guy…

I see you, Yes you. You just passed by me, unaware of what the sight of you does to my pheromones. Oya! Fine Guy, the piece of dark chocolate, in blue jeans and a black t-shirt, Not you, I’m talking about the one who’s assailed my nostrils with his musky-lime cologne scent. You are like … More Oya! Fine Guy…

Golden Skin

I dream of eons of folklore. I dream of the words, told unto my great-great-great-great-great-grandmother. The rustling of her sisal skirt, the walk to the lake, the time spent at the farm and the hopes she had of every sunrise. But, even these dreams I have are nothing compared to the life she lived… How … More Golden Skin