Like Tea

Like tea… You asked, “What am I to you?” And I said, “You are like tea, I can have you any time.” I do not need you, but I choose to have you in the morning, at ten o’clock, at noon, a few minutes past two in the afternoon, at five and at night before … More Like Tea

My Weekend in Ten

It’s a calm Saturday for me and this weather calls for staying indoors and reading a book or two as I drink from a bottomless coffee mug. So, what have I been up to? A little bit of this and that is what I’d say, so here’s a summary of my weekend in ten points. … More My Weekend in Ten

This Writing Life

Every year, most writers take up the National November Writing Challenge aka NanoWrimo, where the goal is to write 50,000 words (full length novel) in 30 days. This boils down to roughly 1667 words per day. I am one of such writers. It’s the fifth day and I have written 7,500 words and instead of … More This Writing Life


And just like that, you drifted in and out, a vision, a fleeting moment, a thought, a star, the wind, the sun. It took me an eternity to see you for who you truly are, a cloud.


And like the rain, I poured. When I look back, I wonder how she bears it all; to bury five children, to lose what you knew would never be your own. To see the sun, the moon, the spring, summer and fall… And like the rain, I poured. When I look back, I see your … More Rain